Sexy Little Bag – the somewhat different accessory bag!

Did you know?..about 70% of the bras women own are not in use. Usually because they are too small, too big or turned out to be uncomfortable after being bought. That also means that many women have practically new bras in their drawers taking up space without being of use.

That’s where we come into play!

We collect these no longer used, but not “old” bras and produce Sexy little Bags with them.

As a result we prolong the life of bras and much more importantly we do that with a local footprint and social impact! We do that by having them produced on the secondary labor market. That means we have no own production site but we cooperate with organizations that foster people’s integration and occupation such as CARITAS  to produce Sexy Little Bags.

To close this cycle with more social impact, we committed to donate a part of our yearly net income to further social projects.

Sexy Little Bag in short:

We want to:
   Re- cycle bras
   Re- integrate people
   Re- turn money to society for more social projects

   Up- cycling bras
   Up- grading people into active participants of society
   Up- ward adjusting other social projects’ budgets as we are successful.