Society has realized that our consumption oriented behavior is not sustainable in the long-term. Concepts such as shared economy have spread also on small scale and currently we see events such as clothes swaps parties booming!

We at Sexy Little Bag committed to upcycling as well. Upcycling means not only to recycle no longer used bras, but to actually make something with a new and higher value out of them!

To close this sustainable cycle, we rely on your bra donations!

Around 70% of the bras women own are not used for several reasons from not fitting size wise up to being uncomfortable – without Sexy Little Bag those bras would never be used again!

Bra RaisingDSCN4181walk in closed

Some of our fans have organized clothes swaps parties or similar and asked for a bra as entry ticket J We are very open to support you with communication if you would like to create something similar.

And, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all our bra donators that have supported us in collecting bras to get started with Sexy Little bag!

We look forward to many more fun bra-raising parties and receiving many sexy bras.