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We have been asked a couple of times whether it would be possible to have a Sexy Little bag made of an own bra or bikini top, respectively to buy back a specific bra that was donated.

You may have various reasons to do that, it can be the bra from your wedding, bikini top or bra from a special occasion, the bra from before a pregnancy or before a diet or breast surgery that changed your body so you can no longer use it.

Below you see Marta’s bra. She lost weight and her favorite bra didn’t fit her anymore. Since she had great memories of things that happened with that bra, she was looking for ways to keep it in use and found us! After she sent us the bra we gave her recommendations on the color of the zipper and 2 weeks later she received a wonderful little purse!

Before: you send us your favorite bra.







During: you choose strap length and your favorite color combination.







After: your favorite accessory!







This client was happy with her new puse and gave us feedback : „a brilliant bag for my jewelry. The push-up elements protect my jewelery from being damaged!” 

We can transform most bra’s into bags. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for you!

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DSCN3982transparent bluelittle white flower 1noir zipviolet2


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